KittyBattles is very excited to have just released its Beta version to the world!

Whether you’ve been with us since the very beginning, or are just happening upon KittyBattles for the first time, we’re happy you’re here and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!


 What is KittyBattles?

KittyBattles is a turn-based arena battle game where you select a team of 3 of your bravest CryptoKitties to battle against other teams of CryptoKitties. Pawsome!

 What type of gameplay is there?

There are both PvE (Person versus Environment) and PvP (Person versus Person) gameplay. In our PvE battle areas, you will battle KittyBattles AI cards to gain experience and Battle Points. These areas are the Training Dojo, Kitty Tales (Story mode, coming soon), Depths, and Daily Challenge. In our PvP battle areas, you will battle other KittyBattle Players to gain experience, Battle Points, and other prizes (in tournaments). These areas are the PvP Arena and Tournaments (future development). If you would just like to spectate, you can always click “Watch” under “Battles” to watch live battles.

 Does it cost anything to play KittyBattles?

KittyBattles is Free-to-play, but you must own at least 3 CryptoKitties and have Metamask installed (free) to create a team.

 What is the Training Dojo?

Currently this is a basic PvE arena to test your team’s skills against the KittyBattles AI. In the future, this area will be available to play without owning any CryptoKitties – as it will be an introductory walk-through of how to play the game. We hope this will inspire users outside of the CK community to try out the game and join us.

 How do I login to KittyBattles?

Logging into KittyBattles is handled the same way you log into CryptoKitties, via Metamask. Once you sign the authentication request from Metamask, you will be able to assemble your battle teams.


 What are Battle Teams and how do I make one?

A KittyBattles Team is a set of 3 CryptoKitties selected from your linked Ethereum wallet. To create a team, you must have at least 3 CryptoKitties in your KittyBattles Roster (Roster > Kitties page). This does not mean “in your wallet”. See “How do I add a kitty to my Roster” for more information. Then go to “Roster > Teams” to make your first team. Select the “Add Team” button, which will create a new Team slot for you on the page. Then select the “Assign Kitty” button which will bring up a page of all the kitties in your Roster that you can select from. Repeat for 3 kitties to fill out your team. Mix and match your kitties to maximize your team’s potential!

 How many teams do I get? Can I get more?

You will start with a maximum of 3 Battle Teams, but only need 1 team to play. Once out of Beta, you will be able to purchase additional teams for Battle Points (BP).

 How do I add a kitty to my Roster?

Kitties can be added or retired from your Roster. To add a kitty you must first be signed into MetaMask. Once signed in with MetaMask, you will be able to go to “Roster > Kitties” to begin drafting. Select the “Draft a kitty” button and it will take you to a new page that will let you select a kitty to add to the Roster. (kittys that are out on the market to be sold or sired can not be added to the roster). Click on a kitty’s card to edit the cat’s purrfession, skills, equipped items, and card back. This is where you can also retire a kitty. But be careful, though, when you retire a kitty from the Roster, you will not be able to add them back to the Roster for 7 days.

 What happens when I ‘retire’ a Kitty?

When you ‘retire’ a kitty, that kitty starts a 7-day ‘battle break’ cooldown (this cooldown is unique to the KittyBattles site only and has no affect on the kitty elsewhere). The kitty will retain all Experience Points (XP) and Skill Points (SP) acquired, so when they return to battle they will not have to start over.

 What happens to a Kitty’s XP/BP/SP when I sell it?

When you sell a Battle kitty, that kitty will retain all XP and SP earned while in your care. So battle those ‘fail cats’ to make them the most sought-after kitties in the Kittyverse. BP is account-bound, so that will stay with you while your kitty finds a new home


 What are Kitty Origins?

Kitty Origins are determined by the Fur catribute of your CryptoKitty and cannot be changed. Every CyptoKitty fits within a Kitty Origin, and each Kitty Origin has unique enhancements to their Battle Skills. There are 8 Kitty Origins: Arctic, Desert, Forest, City, Mountain, Plains, Seaside, & Space.

 How do my Kitties gain experience and level up?

As you battle, your Kitties will gain both Experience Points (XP) and Battle Points (BP). Once a Kitty earns enough XP, they will level up and earn a Skill Point (SP). Skill Points can be used to level up acquired Battle Skills. Battle Points are a form of currency that you can spend to play in the Battle Arena.

 Can I change my Kitty’s origin?

No. Since Kitty Origins are determined by your cat’s Fur cattribute, the origin cannot be changed.

 What are Purrfessions?

Kitty Purrfessions determine the skill tree your cat will receive and is selected once the cat has been added to the Roster. Every Purrfession has a unique set of skills that can aid you team in battle. There are currently 3 Kitty Purrfessions:Rockstar, Pirate, Princess. Be on the lookout for more soon!

 Can I change my Purrfession?

While in Beta you will be able to test out and change your kitty’s Purrfession as much as you want to test out the different range of skills and test out how Purrfessions change your gameplay. Once we are out of Beta it will cost BP to change a kitty’s Purrfession, and their level will reset to 0.

 Why can’t I change my initial skills?

Each Kitty Purrfession starts with two initial skills in their skills tree. As your kitty levels up, it will be given opportunities to add more skills to its skill tree to use in battle. Currently you will need to activate these first two skills for each kitty.

 How do my Kitties gain new skills?

As your kitty reaches levels 5, 10 and 25 they will be given the choice for a new skill selection. They will be able to find this selection under the “Select Skills” section of the kitty Profile Page. Currently, once chosen, kittys will not be able to change this skill selection. Once out of Beta it will cost BP to change the selected skill at any level.

 What happens to a Kitty’s XP and acquired skills when I sell it?

When you sell a Battle kitty, that kitty will retain all XP and skills acquired while in your care. So battle those ‘fail cats’ to make them the most sought-after kitties in the KittyVerse!


 I drafted 3 Kitties into my kitty Roster, but when I go to a Battle area I don’t see anything to play. What do I do?

Be sure that you have at least one valid team of kitties (imported from roster, with applied Purrfessions/skills). Once these selections have been made, your team should be eligible to particpate in the “Depths”, “Training Dojo”, and “Battle Arena”. “Story” and “Daily Challenges” are still in development and will be available with our final release.

 I’ve built a team and gone to a Battle area, but it won’t let me play. What do I do?

There may be a couple reasons that the action buttons are disabled. Kitties may not have Purrfessions assigned – n order to play KittyBattles, kitties drafted into the Roster must be assigned Purrfessions. To do this go to “Roster > Kitties” and click on the kitty that needs assignment. This will take you to a page where you can edit assigned items, skills, card frame, and purrfessions. Click on “Pick Purrfession” and give your cat a calling. Alternatively, that area may be under development. While in beta, developers may be tinkering with the back end. When this happens areas sometimes go down. If this happens to you multiple times, please contact us in our Discord so that we are aware of the issue.

 Why won’t it let me add a Kitty to my roster?

Kittens that are out to sire or being sold cannot be added to your roster. Please make sure your cats are not on the market (to be sold or sired) and then try again. You may need to refresh the page after doing so. If you continue to have issues, please contact us on our Discord so that we can aid you.

 I have questions that are not answered here. Where can I go?

You can join us in our Discord to can catch up on past discussions and follow current ones.


Hit Points (HP) – aka. Health Points. These points are removed when you take damage and restored when you are healed.

Experience Points (XP) – Points that each of your Kitties earn for completing and winning battles. These will level up your kitties.

Skill Points (SP) – Points that are earned each time you level up that are used to better your learned skills.

Battle Points (HP) – Points earned in the Dojo (and Battle Arena) that can be redeemed to play in the Battle Arena.